What Is Slow Springback Sponge?

Jun. 1,2020

Slow springback sponge is also called memory sponge. According to different process, it can be divided into polyether foaming series and MDI molding series.

Slow springback sponge, originally a high-tech material designed and developed for NASA's space program. It is designed for astronauts to help relieve the pressure on them during take-off and landing. Due to the unique features of slow springback sponge for relieving pressure, the slow springback pillow and mattress can let the body rest without pressure condition. Because of the characteristics of slow springback sponge, it greatly reduces the situation of tossing and turning on the bed as well as improving people's sleep quality.

 Medical research shows that sleeping on a slow springback sponge mattress can reduce the average frequency of turns on bed from 80-100 to 17-20. The main reason for feeling comfortable is the reduction of pressure.


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