There is a hope called Rebonded foam

Jan. 20,2017

I am Sarah, very excited that this is is my first time to write blog. Here to express my feelings about the rebonded 

foam. From a piece of broken foam into a complete foam sheet, this is a promising process. The foam may come 

from a luxury mattress,  a beautiful sofa or a comfortable cushion,  perhaps they are losers,  but  also  the winner. 

From which they were recycled, bonding with the polyurethane rebonding glue, re-become a mattress,  a sofa or 

a cushion,  and  they were given a new life.  The rubbish did not have their sight,  because  they  have  gradually 

come into our lives,  the  future  will  become  an  indispensable  part  of our lives.  The global climate is warming, 

people  gradually  attach  importance  to  the  protection  of the  environment,  so their life  is  a trend,  but also a 


Let' s together into the ranks of rebonded foam! 

There is a hope called Rebonded foam

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