YUNJIE #901 Polyurethane based re-bonding glue resin for re-bond foam

YUNJIE #901 Polyurethane based re-bonding glue resin for re-bond foam


Modified MDI,is a mixture of polyol-modified diphenylmethane diisocyanate and polyphenylmethane polyisocyanate. It is a light yellow liquid at room temperature. It can be mainly used in the production of rebonded foam.




Since YUNJIE#901 is a reactive chemical, reaction with atmospheric moisture happens easily and leads to the formation of insoluble urea and carbon dioxide gas, which can result in pressure build-up in closed containers and viscosity increase of the product.

Containers must therefore be absolutely dry and carefully sealed after congested with nitrogen. Containers of YUNJIE#901 should be kept properly closed and stored indoors at ambient temperatures (15-25 ℃ )in a well-ventilated area. Storage at low temperatures (below 10℃) may lead to some crystallization; this material must, therefore, be protected from frost. If crystallization does occur, the material should be heated to 70-80℃ to melt it out, strictly prohibit to

heat over at local part and should then be thoroughly agitated before use.

Shelf Life

Under recommended storage conditions, the shelf life of YUNJIE#901 is six months. If the production is overdue, but it’ s main physical and chemical properties in the guide line, may not effect on it’ s using properties.