What is a sponge sponge, is a porous material, has good water absorption, can be used to clean items. The commonly used sponges are made of wood cellulose fibers or foamed plastic polymers. In addition, there are natural sponges made from sponge animals. Most natural sponges are used for body cleaning or painting. In addition, there are three types of synthetic sponges made of other materials, namely low-density polyether (non-absorbent sponge), polyvinyl alcohol (high-absorbent material, no obvious pores) and polyester.

Shaped cotton

This material cotton is made of polyurethane material, mixed with various additives such as foaming agent, and the pressure agent is pressed into a simple mold to heat it to press out sponges of different shapes. It is suitable for swivel chair sofa cushions, back cotton, and a small amount of armrests. do. The material density is 55 # ~ 60 #, and its elasticity is more in line with relevant national standards. The elastic hardness of the sponge can be adjusted according to different parts of the product. Generally, the seat cotton is higher in hardness and density, followed by the back cotton, and the pillow cotton is softer.