eco flexible pure foam sitting custom round cushion

eco flexible pure foam sitting custom round cushion

Product Description:

1.Seat cushion is manufactured by high-quality environmentally friendly rebonded foam , it can be used for  long-time and not be deformed.

2.The rebonded foam wrapped in a layer of silk, feels more soft.

3.The inner sleeve is made of low-weight flannel, which is soft.

4.The use of imported sewing equipment for production, to ensure the quality and fine workmanship.

5.Can be customized round, square, hexagonal and so on.

Recycled foam cushion PK memory foam cushion

1, the price is more than 30% cheaper than the original cotton cushions 

2, the use of environmentally friendly materials, more conducive to ecological cycle, protect the ecological environment. 

3, longer life, durability and good performance. 

4, good elasticity, not easy to deformation.